Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out where to go with your kids for an educational experience. However, in Manchester, there are plenty of options! Here are our favorite museums and learning centers for you and your children:

– SEE Science Center – There’s a reasonable entrance fee of $9, and with that, you can access all the hands-on science-centered activities, including a moonwalk exhibit, and a LEGO replica of Manchester’s millyard, along with many other fun activities.

Currier Museum of Art – This museum is fun for all ages – there is a wide variety of art, from European to modern to New Hampshire-based art. They have new exhibitions every few months, including a Mount Washington exhibit and an Artist Studios in New Hampshire exhibit. Kids will love to try to sketch what they see, and there are plenty of programs for everyone, including storytime and art classes.

Amoskeag Fishways – If your child loves marine life, you might want to plan a visit to the Amoskeag Fishways. The center offers plenty of learning opportunities, including exhibits about the Merrimack River and an interactive watershed exhibit. There are also a variety of programs for all age groups, including several homeschool programs, and family fun nights where you can learn about owls and dissect an owl pellet.

– Aviation Museum of New Hampshire – Just outside of Manchester lies this great museum. Kids will have a chance to sit in cockpits and use a flight simulator. Aviator buffs and kids alike will have a blast!

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 Want to update your bathroom without a huge remodeling project? These simple updates can change your old, outdated bathroom to something more eye appealing. 

Replacing a toilet seat – If your toilet works just fine but your toilet seat is outdated or worn out, a quick swap can really improve things. Start by removing the old seat by using a deep well socket to unscrew the bolt. A little WD-40 can help to loosen things up if needed. Line up the new toilet seat and bolt into place. 

Replace your shower head – Having a great shower head can make taking a shower a whole new experience. Find one that fits what you have been dreaming of, whether it’s one that creates a waterfall effect, or one with a hand held head. Typically replacing your shower head is as easy as unscrewing the old one and screwing on the new one. And for added benefit, pick one that saves on water.

Update your hardware – Updating your towel holders, soap dishes and toilet paper holder can really add a whole new look to a bathroom. Outdated hardware can make your bathroom look like it’s from the 1970s so pick new hardware that is modern and fits the overall look of the bathroom. Replacing hooks and towel holders is an easy DIY project as long as you know how. Many of these don’t have exposed screws, but they do have a tiny screw underneath each side that needs to be removed in order to lift off the wall mount.

Get new towels – And don’t forget bath mats, shower curtains and window curtains. Updating all these things can change the color scheme all together. Bathrooms look best in neutral colors, or lighter shades of blues, greens and yellows. 
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